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5 March 2012 :

Applauding a Mandatory Day Off for Domestic Workers

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24 June 2011 :

NGOs Call for Mandatory Day Off for Domestic Workers

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16 June 2011:

ILO adopts Convention on Domestic Workers

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27 April 2011:

100th International Labor Conference to consider a Domestic Worker's convention

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11 August 2009:

UNIFEM launched 'Another Land, Another Life' writing contest (completed 2009)

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22 July 2008:
81 per cent vote 'Yes' to day off

Should maids get a mandatory day off?

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15 June 2008:

Women's lifestyle magazine - Vanilla - runs article on Day Off

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29 May 2008:
More Polls Have been Added!

Your opinions matter. Take the poll!

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22 May 2008:
Employer Testimonials are Up!

Read about how some employers manage a good relationship with their domestic worker.

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5th May 2008:
More Media Coverage!

The Campaign is still being covered by the media. Browse the most recently updated articles.

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1st May 2008:
The Day Off Campaign is officially launched today!

The Campaign has been extensively covered by the media. For a peak at the online articles, please visit our Press Room.

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UNIFEM Writing Contest

The National Committee for UNIFEM Singapore is organising a Writing Contest open to participation by students in Singapore. Considering UNIFEM's aims and mission, students are invited to write on the topic, .

"Another Land, Another Life"

1st PRIZE: Internship
with UNIFEM Australia
Entry Period: 11 Aug 09 – 23 Sept 09

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Since the launch of the campaign, we’ve seen and heard much feedback from the public.

We'll like to address the top two queries here. Please do continue to let us know your feedback.

Q1. Why not legislation?

Why aren’t you pursuing a change in legislation instead? Why not start a petition?

Q2. What about the $5,000 bond?

How can I give my maid a day off, when I risk losing a $5,000 security bond?

Q3. Isn't a one day off a month already compulsory?

Isn't a one day off a month already compulsory in the contract? And if it is signed away, the maid agrees to this and is compensated the $20-$30, so what is this campaign for?
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